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Updated: 09/15/2014

The Yang Style 88 Two-Person Application Form (San Sau) is now offered for students of the Pueblo Tai Chi Club as well as for others with sufficient prior tai chi experience. 

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Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan!

Suitable for all ages Tai Chi is an enjoyable and rewarding experience  beneficial for health and well-being.

Jim Klodzinski, a Teacher of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi, and with the Pueblo Tai Chi Club, offers an authentic tai chi experience with Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Tai Chi levels of detailed step-by-step instruction with 90 minute class sessions held continuously throughout the year.

Jim has been practicing and studying traditional yang style tai chi (Taiji, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Taijiquan) since 1990 and has been teaching tai chi since 2004.

He is an experienced and effective teacher of traditional yang style tai chi movement forms - as well as the health, meditative, chi energy work (qi gong), body-mind, push-hands (sensing hands) and the martial arts aspects of yang style tai chi practice. Jim also holds the rank of Black Belt in the Chinese martial art of Kung Fu San Soo. 

Tai Chi Classes 

For those new to tai chi, with detailed instruction, Beginners learn the yang style 10 Form and the Simplified Yang 24 Short Form for the fundamental principles of tai chi practice along with stress reduction and the harmonizing of chi energy (Qi Gong). This Yang 24 Form is the most practiced Tai Chi movement form in the world.

Intermediate/Advanced Classes with the yang 10 form and 24 short form (left and right style) bring tai chi students to higher, advanced levels of tai chi practice by emphasizing the in-depth internal integration of the principles and methods of tai chi practice.

Advanced students go on to learn the Traditional 108 Yang Style Long Form (left and right style) for further internal integration of tai chi principles and methods of practice.  

For interested students The Pueblo Tai Chi Club also offers:

San Sau - The Yang Style 88 Two-Person Application Form:  With this high level yang form students learn the 44 moves of Side A and of Side B and then match Sides A and B together in a fluid, safe, dancelike manner to understand the martial applications of the postures contained in the tai chi hand forms. 

A Tai Chi Sword Form is also offered.

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced classes are two evenings during the week from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm & Saturday mornings 8:30 am - 10:00 am.

Click on CLASS SCHEDULE located the at top right hand corner of this page for monthly class schedules and Membership Options.

For a review of the class and instruction at click on the following link:

  Yang LuChan



    Yang Chengfu


Cheng Man-ch'ing



   T.T. Liang


"Be Still as a Mountain 

                        and Flow Like Water"

"The Pueblo Tai Chi Club

               Learns Tai Chi

                     with Attention & Diligence"

Jim is also a Member of the Colorado Martial Arts Instructors Alliance


Jim Klodzinski - A Teacher of Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan

Besides teaching at the Pueblo Tai Chi Club Jim is available for tai chi programs for businesses, companies, corporations and health care providers as well as private one-on-one tai chi instruction.

Pueblo Tai Chi Club

Community Room, 2nd Floor 
Legacy Bank Building,
730 Desert FlowerBlvd., Pueblo,CO 
(intersection of Jerry Murphy Rd. & Desert Flower Blvd.)
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Beneficial for Health

"Stress causes 70% to 90% of illness sending us to the doctor" based on a twenty year Kaiser Permanente study as reported by Dr. David Sobel of Kaiser.

“If you're looking for... [a] way to reduce stress, consider tai chi.... Tai Chi is sometimes described as ‘meditation in motion’ because it promotes serenity through gentle movements - connecting the mind and body. Originally developed in ancient China for self-defense, tai chi evolved into a graceful form of excercise that's now used for stress reduction and to help with a variety of other health conditions." Mayo Clinic Staff, & Mayo Clinic HOUSECALL Publication,Vol.15, Issue 32, May 26, 2014

“Tai chi is often described as ‘meditation in motion,’ but it well might be called ‘medication in motion.’ There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice...has value in treating or preventing many health problems." Harvard Medical Health Publication, June, 2009.

The Pueblo Tai Chi Club's Tradition of Authentic Yang Style Tai Chi:

Yang Style Tai Chi (T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Taijiquan) was developed c.1850 by Yang LuChan in China as a martial art. Yang LuChan and his two sons taught his tai chi in Beijing to the royal family, the military and the aristocratic elite.

In the 1920s Yang Chengfu, Yang LuChan's grandson,  also understanding tai chi's many health benefits was the first to teach yang tai chi to the general public - initially at Beijing's Physical Research Institute, then at his own tai chi school at Shanghai. He adjusted his grandfather's robust martial arts yang style tai chi long form to accentuate its health aspects by emphasizing slow, gentle, graceful, flowing continuous movements so that all ages, even older persons, could learn and practice tai chi. This became the traditional yang style 108 long form.

In 1928 Yang Chengfu's modified 108 yang style tai chi form received the support and endorsement of the Chinese government as a beneficial and effective health practice as part of China's national health program. Chengfu's yang tai chi soon spread throughout China then to Taiwan and other countries and in the 1950's & 60's to the United States. This yang long form is the original tai chi for health form.

Cheng Man-ch'ing, a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, learned personally from Yang Chengfu from 1928 to 1935. In 1949, Cheng moved to Taiwan where he continued teaching. In 1964, he came to New York with his senior disciple T.T. Liang and taught until 1974 when he returned to Taiwan.

T.T. Liang continued to teach in the U.S. emphasizing the importance of right and left styles of long form practice. Liang retired from teaching in 1995 at the age of 95. Liang published his book, T'ai Chi Ch'uan for Health and Self Defense in 1974 and it continues to remain in print. One of the first tai chi books in English it includes translations of the Tai Chi Classics along with Liang's commentary on them.

Yang Chengfu, Cheng Man-ch'ing, and T.T. Liang all stressed the importance of adhering to the principles of tai chi as utilized by Yang LuChan and contained in the Tai Chi Classics for achieving an authentic tai chi experience.

To make tai chi and it's health benefits even more accessible, China's National Physical and Sports Commission in 1956 developed the Simplified 24 Yang Short Form from Yang Chengfu's 108 long form - yet retaining the traditional yang tai chi experience. This simplified form accelerated the further spread of yang tai chi and it is now the most practiced tai chi for health movement form in China, the United States and Internationally as well as the form most used for conducting tai chi health studies.

Jim's classes, with detailed step-by-step instruction based on the principles of the Tai Chi Classics, continue this authentic yang style tai chi tradition for an authentic tai chi experience.  

Join us for traditional authentic yang style tai chi with the Pueblo Tai Chi Club for Health and Well-Being.

For Pueblo Tai Chi Club particulars and any questions please contact Jim. 

Phone:   719.289.0891, or

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